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Museum Innovation: Space Crisis and AI Digital Transformation

Catherine Devine

Global Director

Former Microsoft, Director of Libraries and Museums

A former Microsoft Director of Libraries and Museums Strategy and former Chief Digital Officer. Mrs. Devine used to work for American Museum of Natural History in New York for 7 years and lead digital innovation which is an important factor for today’s science museum’s digital innovation and for forming its digital infrastructure.

Lecture 1

Brain Space: The Relationship Between Brain and Space

Chang Dong-Seon


Hanyang University

Acquired Ph.D. in Neural & Behavioral Sciences from Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. Dr. Jang is currently working as a full-time professor at Hanyang University's Creative Convergence Education Institute. Dr. Jang contemplating the future of spaces and life, focusing on brain science, including human cognition and behavior, as well as emerging concepts like the metaverse and artificial intelligence. he is aim to contribute to the popularization of science.

Lecture 2

K-contents and Space Innovation : Secret of Attracting Crowds

Song In-hyuk


Uniquegood Company

Developed Real Wand, a reality-enhanced metaverse platform that provides interactive contents in the real world. Mr. Song used to work for Samsung Electronics Video Display Software Development and Planning Department, and producer of TED×Seoul, and 15 minute-presentation that will change the world called Sebashi.

Lecture 3

META SPACE : Paint a New Space.

Park Mun-seok

CEO & Director

Studio Artech

Studio Artech creates art with a technology pen. We produce media art and design that practically harmonize everyday spaces that is used by many people by utilizing IoT, AI, data visualization, hardware module control and etc.

Lecture 3

META SPACE : Paint a new space.

Kim Seong-pil

CEO & Director

Studio Artech

Studio Artech strives to develop and present how technology and art can create a new form of art. Through the Circulation of Place from Seoulite DDP and Meta City project from London and etc. We are providing constant insight into our lives and space through the combination of media art and space.

Lecture 4

Designing for Embodied Virtual and Physical Spaces

Marcel Van Brakel

CEO & Lead Designer


Founder and lead designer at Polymorf from the Nederlands. Polymorf uses artificial intelligence and virtual reality to present users with realistic interactive experiences of multisensory extended reality through theatrical performances, installation works, VR experiences, and more. presenting a variety of new spaces.

Lecture 5

A scientific space for sharing and collaboration

Jeong Suhyeon




Making Our Collections Matters More

Henry McGhie


Curating Tomorrow

Worked as an ecologist, museum curator etc. By establishing Curating Tomorrow strives to discover the role of museums in the era of climate change and how to continuously communicate with science to create sustainable spaces.