ISSM 2023

SPACE : Crisis or Opportunity
Power of Space That Gathers People

International Symposium of Science Museums is an international event that discovers and discusses major issues and agendas in Science & Culture.

Science museum experts and science cultural groups from all over the world gather together to share ideas and inspiration and seek innovation in science museums.

This symposium, which celebrates its 13th anniversary this year, has continued its history of sustainability by leading various topics. 2023 ISSM endeavors to seek how space can motivate many people gather and bring new ideas. We hope to find new ideas on how to promote science museums with a theme of space providing new opportunities or overcoming crisis.

We proudly invite you to a new stage where high-end thoughts beyond innovation can bring new discoveries for converging science communication and sustainable space.


Re-define the space and role of space for next generations by deriving key issues.


A space to share thoughts, various exhibitions, education, videos, etc. Share scientific content


A space that creates opportunities and provides a space for sustainable development and innovation.


A space that adds inspiration, convergence of science and communication in various fields


A space for science society, where science museum issues and solutions are discussed for cooperation


A space where people gather, providing opportunities for sustainable innovation and value recognition

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Title 13th International Symposium of Science Museums 2023
Period November 2nd (Thu.) to November 3rd (Fri.), 2023
Theme SPACE: Crisis or Opportunity[Power of Space that Gathers People]
Venue National Science Museum
Host Ministry of Science and ICT
Organizer National Science Museum
Sponsor Gwacheon National Science Museum, Gwangju National Science Museum, Daegu National Science Museum, Busan National Science Museum, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity, Daejeon Metropolitan City, Daejeon Transportation Culture Institute

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