Exhibition Industry Fair

International Symposium of Science Museums Exhibition Industry Fair

In recent times, science museums have taken on a variety of roles beyond exhibitions and education, including events and leisure activities. They are striving to provide a more dynamic and interactive science and culture service by incorporating new digital technologies such as AI, Big Data, AR/VR.

AThe ISSM organizes an Exhibition industry fair that encompasses related items to better equip science museums to adapt to these changes.


Date November 2(Thu) - 3 (Fri), 2023
Location Future Tech(3F), National Science Museum
Contents Media Art, Artificial Intelligence Services, Science Experiments and Education, Science Content, and more.

Location Plan

Participating Organizations
(in alphabetical order)

Name (KR/EN) Booth
Exhibition Content
㈜넥스페이스 / Nexpace
4 3D scanner, 3D printer, voxel modeling SW, reverse engineering & inspection, pattern production SW
㈜누리봄 / Nuribom
19 Media art wall, large touch wall, large touch sensor
뉴튠㈜ / Neutune
15 Experiential music creation and assembly content through prompts
㈜로보트리 / Robotry
7 parodule
㈜마르시스에듀 / MARUSYSedu
1 AI Astronomical Telescope
16 EVA Chair
㈜멜라카 / Melaka
23 graffitoon solution
㈜벡트 / VECT
25-28 Projection mapping (media façade + LED) convergence installation
㈜서큘러스 / CIRCULUS
24 Humanoid AI coding education robot
㈜스케치소프트 / Sketchsoft
29 3D sketch app “Feather”
8 LEGO coding education program incorporating traditional science and technology
시그마웰 / Sigmawell
6 Board game puzzle, math tool
㈜쓰리디뱅크 / 3Dbank
33-34 Holomagic, Metashorium
5 Exhibitions and demonstration work related to repair of modern and contemporary industrial products
㈜엔백스 / NVEX
14 Artificial intelligence piano and various experience services
㈜위드인넷 / WithinNet
32 Immersive virtual reality experience content
㈜이노사이언스 / Inno Science
3 Unistella Smart Astronomical Telescope
㈜제이엠웍스 / JMWorks
2 Microscope, multimedia imaging microscope
청년 교육 사회적협동조합 씨드콥
11 7 types of science-related goods and great scientists
㈜컨텐츠다 / contentsDA
31 Virtual reality science experiment VR content
㈜케이홀로 / KHOLO
20 Hybrid XR imaging device
㈜크린바이오 / CleanBio
17 air purification sterilizer
트라이콤텍㈜ / Tricomtek
21 Space Tracker, motion capture suit, meta world
포항공과대학교 산학협력단 /
Postech Research and Bussiness Development Foundation
22 Educational display-compatible modular haptic feedback device
12 Sharing board, clap lighthouse, electric car, alligator rollette, joystick RC car, self-driving RC car
㈜프레임 / FRAME
13 Brain signal-based edutech solution <TEURO>
플로우스튜디오㈜ / FLOW STUDIO
10 Arduino-based science experiment data collection device for writing science reports for youth
한국과학기술원 스케치랩 /
KAIST SketchLab
30 Let's draw the future: 3D sketching playground for science enthusiasts
㈜호랑에듀 / HORANG EDU
9 Exhibition and experience of 'Horang', a coding education platform using the Hangul programming language
㈜훌리악 / HULIAC
18 Science exhibition operator training program and generative artificial intelligence kiosk program
대전관광공사 /
Daejeon Tourism Organization
국립중앙과학관 과학교육과 /
Science Education and
Culture Division
35, 41
국립과천과학관 /
Gwacheon National Science Museum
국립광주과학관 /
Gwangju National Science Museum
국립대구과학관 /
Daegu National Science Museum
국립부산과학관 /
Busan National Science Museum
국립중앙과학관 /
National Science Museum