International Symposium of
Science Museums 2020

Science Museums & Centers with SDGs

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Exhibition on Service Empowerment Project for Science as Culture

By supporting the development of technologies related to science culture and exhibition experiences, Science Museums and Science Centers are developing exhibition contents, platforms, operation technologies etc. that can be used for the purpose of strengthening the cultural exhibition capacity of local Science Museums and fostering the scientific and cultural industry. In addition to producing achievements that can be actually applied to Science Museums and Centers, such as technologies and contents developed to support projects.
Organization Exhibition Contents
Kongju National University Bronze Mirror, Reflect Sciences
GIST Gesture based question navigating pro-active avatar system
Pusan National University M3: sMart Museum Management system with AI
Yonsei University Artificial Intelligence DONGLE
Natural History Museum Ewha Womans University <2020 Science Atelier> On-line Educational Contents
Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) realistic Science 3D Contents
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Online exhibition from the offline exhibition & Exhibition editing tool for a volumetric data visualization
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Scienscope
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology AR photo booth system using the video album production technique
Korea National University of Transpotation Observatory Service Content for Astro-Media Creation and Astro-Making Corresponding to Observatory 2.0
Hannam University Science Museum Exhibition Platform
The national science museums are in my hand? SMEP!
Hanyang University Multisensory Exhibition Device β€˜SENTORY’

Projection Mapping

Date 2 days, 5(Thu) ~ 6(Fri), November 2020
Topic 30 anniversary of the National Science Museum’s to Daedeok Science Town
β€œNostalgia, Let’s about Memories of the Science Museum”
Place Outside of the National Science Museum’s Science Hall & Natural History Hall
Content Projection mapping to fill the gray walls of NSM of your photos and to send a hopeful message to give strength to fight the exhausting daily life with COVID-19