International Symposium of
Science Museums 2020

Science Museums & Centers with SDGs


Flash Session

ISSM is a platform to share Science Museum related papers freely. Furthermore, the National Science Museum is now accepting the '10th International Symposium of Science Museumsβ€˜ Paper submissions. ISSM is a place for discovering the key issues of science museums, sharing information, and ideas. We would like to invite everyone who is interested in science museums to participate and share their new, interesting ideas!

*Due to COVID-19, participation through online presentations is possible.

[Science Museum Related Paper Topic of Your Choice]

The Paper has a free topic, and the following is only an example to help participants understand better.

General Part

Category Example
Exhibition A study on the exhibition composition of AI concept delivery, exhibition composition of using five senses, etc.
Education An analysis of the effectiveness of informal science education in Science Museums, effective science education for older generation, etc.
Research Systematic collection of scientific objects Digital archiving of collections Civil science research, etc.
Management Establishment of Evaluation System for Scientific and Cultural Institutions Development of Expert Personnel for Scientific and Cultural Institutions Domestic and International Cooperation, etc.

Video Part

Category Example
Creativity Exhibition Cases of the Symposium from 3 years ago to this day
- Exhibition hall remodeling / Development of new exhibits / Special Exhibitions / Touring exhibitions. etc.
Creativity Communication Cases of the Symposium from 3 years ago to this day
- Science Show / Science festival / Camp / Education. etc.

Join the Flash Session and share various stories of science with us.